Database Development and Design for the Web

If your companies website, web application, intranet or extranet is based on MySQL, SQL Server or Access database and requires upgrading or further development, Echo Web have the skills and experience necessary to meet your new requirements.

MySQL database development

MySQL Database DevelopmentEcho Web are highly experienced in designing, developing and maintaining MySQL based databases and websites / web applications. If your business requires any custom MySQL database development please contact our development team.

Microsoft SQL Server database development

Microsoft SQL Server database developmentEcho Web have been developing databases in SQL Server since SQL Server 7 all the way up to the current release (SQL Server 2008). We can create tables, create views, write stored procedures and write triggers as well as handling user permissions, backups and data importing / exporting. Contact us to find out more.

Microsoft Access database development

Micorsoft Access database developmentA lot of websites in the past were built using Microsoft Access databases, this is mainly because the expected amount of visitor traffic to the website was quite low and the cost compared to using SQL Server is cheap. If this is the case with your companies website or web application contact Echo Web as we have experience designing and maintaining Microsoft Access databases as well as upgrading them to SQL Server.