Single Page and Holding Page Website Design

Single page websites

A single page website is a very inexpensive way to get you company on the internet. The format of the single page website usually consists of your company branding, information about your company and product / service, contact information, a contact form and a location map, other extras can also be added such as a newsletter sign up form or a Youtube video. We build single page websites to be search engine friendly, so the possibility of generating enquiries is very high.

What’s a holding page?

A holding page is an interim page until your main website goes live. It’s useful because it tells people that the website is in development and that they should come back soon, maintaining the visitors interest in your company. A holding page will also appear in search engines and can be optimised for relevant keywords. A holding page can display contact details for visitors and can also include a newsletter sign up form.

Overall, if you think your website is going to take a long time to develop and don’t have any web presence, it is well worth investing in getting a holding page built.

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

We offer a very quick turn-around on single page or holding page websites, if all the content is ready your website can be live in 24 hours! Our pricing is very low compared to our competitors check out our holding page / single page website pricing table or contact us to find out more.