Website Development and Programming Specialists

What is Website Development?

Web development (programming) is the process of adding functionality to websites, this could constitute programming a simple contact form on a web page to send an email, improving user interface functionality, accessing and displaying data from a database or something bespoke like a mortgage calculator.

How Echo Web can help your business

Echo Web have over a decade of experience building and modifying web solutions, having built ecommerce and content management systems from scratch to match the exact requirements of customers in multiple programming languages (asp, .net and php), Echo Web can fulfil your project requirements.

Area's of Expertise ...
  • Programming, Classic ASP Programming, PHP Programming, Database Design, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, Flash ActionScript, Director / Lingo, Web Services, Google Maps / Analytics Integration, HTML 4 / 5, Ecommerce development using Magento, ZenCart and Cactushop, Content management development using WordPress and Joomla, Message board integration.
Example's of Development Work ...
  • Paypal, RBS Worldpay, Barclays ePDQ, HSBC integration.
  • Property booking website using properties from a third party web service.
  • Postcode lookup integration into ecommerce websites.
  • Data import / export functionality via csv file.
  • Flash / ActionScript based reporting tool.
  • Many more, contact us for details and to talk about your project requirements.
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