Ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing

Keyword Analysis – What do you want to rank for?

The first step in any project is defining the goals that we want to achieve, search engine optimisation is no different. Our goals will be to find out which search terms we want to appear on the search engine for. You may already know which keywords you want to target or you may have a rough idea of industry you want to target, get in contact with Echo Web we can create a keyword strategy that will give you maximum results with minimum outlay.

SEO – Improving your visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Our on-site search engine optimisation package will help your website achieve targets to make your business successful. The next step in getting a high ranking site on the search engines is looking at the structure of the website to make sure all the recommendations laid out by Google are followed, this will instantly improve your website ranking. Request a search engine optimisation quote.

Copy Writing – Creating attractive website content

At the end of the visitors will only visit and keep returning to you website if you offer them something they need. Content is king in this regard, the better the content the more visitors your website will receive. Echo Web offer a website content writing service that will get visitors coming back for more.

Social Media Marketing – Getting the word out

Social media is not only a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family but it is also an exceptionally powerful marketing tool for your business. Echo Web can help your business make the most out of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Get in touch to find out how.

Paid Advertising – Get what you pay for

The quickest and simplest way to get visitors to your website is by using paid advertising. Echo Web can help you create and manage Google Adwords campaigns and Facebook adverts. Contact Echo Web to start your paid advertising campaign.

Email Marketing – It’s good to email

Regular email newsletters will keep your business service or products in front of your customers. Offering special discounts only available to email subscribers is a great way of getting extra sales and enquiries. Echo Web can design and deliver email newsletters to your customers. If you don’t have any mailing lists or a subscription form on your website don’t despair Echo Web can help here as well.

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